The contact data for all the handling agents operating at TXL, SXF and BER are listed here. 

Ground Handling

Ramp Handling

All employed service providers for ramp handling at SXF and TXL can be found here.

Ground Handling

Passenger Service

All points of contact regarding passenger services at SXF and TXL.


Aircraft Cleaning

The companies responsible for aircraft cleaning at SXF and TXL are listed here.



The companies responsible for aircraft catering at SXF and TXL are listed here.

Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft Line Maintenance

All points of contact for aircraft line maintenance can be found here.


Application form

The Berlin airports’ application form to start not limited services according to the regulation on groundhandling services at airports can be found here.

Route potentials

Ground Handling Monitoring

The current performance of ground handling service providers can be found here.