Location advantages

Mobility driver

Even in an age dominated by internet and email, the ability to transport people and goods rapidly all over the world represents a crucial competitive advantage over other regions. For most enterprises an excellent infrastructure, optimum transport connections and a central geographic location are decisive factors when selecting a location. As transport hubs and links between international markets, airports play an exceptionally important role in fulfilling the mobility demands of the global economy. 

Best geostrategic location

The ability to provide a broad choice of flight connections plays a key role in securing the future of the Berlin region. With its central location at the heart of the European economic region, Berlin is located on the intersection to the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Flight times to Eastern Europe and Asia are one hour shorter than from the established hubs in Western Europe. Berlin’s airports in Schönefeld and Tegel give businesses the option of engaging with and tapping into new markets. In terms of passenger numbers, Berlin is Germany’s third most important airport. Ten million people live in the catchment area of the Berlin region.

Optimum conditions for economic growth

Berlin is Germany’s political centre, and it is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. The economic appeal of the Berlin region is further boosted by skilled and motivated workers, high levels of productivity and advanced logistics and communication networks. The cost of labour in the region is approximately 10 per cent lower than in other major cities in Germany.

The region’s economy is diverse and as well as classic industrial businesses it has a vigorous SME segment and a dynamic start-up scene. It also has the highest density of research institutions anywhere in Germany, putting companies in an excellent position to compete internationally in terms of innovations. And last, but not least, Berlin is well-known for its good quality of life, offering a wide variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities.

Lasting structural change through air traffic concentration at BER

Concentrating all air traffic at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport in Schönefeld creates a hub, cuts operating costs and increases productivity. BER will be a gateway to the East and develop into an East-West hub. With international flights and the best road and rail connections, BER will help to significantly improve the quality of the location. Rising passenger numbers, sufficient and expandable capacities as well as a tightly-knit route network provide the ideal conditions for a new business location. The airport will become an economic growth engine in the region. It offers businesses the opportunity to tap and engage in new markets and the flow of goods. This, in turn, will create numerous new jobs in the region.

Enterprises at the airport

A wide range of low-priced high-quality premises around Berlin Brandenburg Airport provide the best conditions for economic development and future growth. The aerospace industry has long since realised this. Many highly specialised small and medium-sized enterprises, financial institutions and global players such as Lufthansa, MTU and Rolls-Royce have established themselves in the vicinity of the airport.

Investment location BER

Rendering of Airport City
New business prospects. Here you will find all you need to know about investing in Berlin Brandenburg Airport.