Airport Center

External view of Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Center
The Frankfurt-based project developer Fay Projects has developed the new, sustainably planned Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Center (²BAC) right in front of the terminal. The new complex is superbly located and is outstandingly well connected to local infrastructure. The six-storey office and service centre has already opened; it has approx. 18,700 square metres of offices.

The new development is the first office building in the Airport City. The new office and service centre offers additional space outside the terminal for businesses, including airlines and aviation or airport service providers.


The ²BAC office complex was designed to be a Green Building, and has been awarded the certificate in Silver by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The ²BAC will feature a green roof, it will use rain water for the sanitary facilities and be built with emission-free construction materials; it will offer high level of thermal comfort, superb energy efficiency and optimised life-cycle costs. The certificate, which is awarded by the DGND in bronze, silver and gold, is a “first-rate seal of quality”.

Rental areas

²BAC offers up to 3,000 square metres per floor for customisable office solutions. Modern, efficient working spaces fitted to a high contemporary office standard, and flexible, adaptable floor plans allow the building to accommodate a wide range of different office types: from conventional individual offices to efficient open-plan workspaces, attractive combined solutions and business club versions.

Facts & Figures

Total area: 18,700 square metres
Office space: 17,700 square metres
Rental units: minimum lease 20 square metres; office suites starting from 300 square metres
Office types: individual, combined or open plan offices
Floors: ground floor and 5 floors
Archive and storage: available in the building
Parking space: available in the multi-storey car parks and open air car parks
Fittings: modern, functional office standard
Outstanding address: Willy-Brandt-Platz 2
Infrastructure: all transport connections in the immediate vicinity
Green Building: certified according to DGNB
Completion: 30 June 2012
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