Service Area North

Service Area North

A prime location for optimum logistics

Service Area North .
The Service Area North focuses on logistics and air cargo. Two access control points provide direct access to the adjacent apron areas, giving logistics companies a crucial time advantage, particularly in view of the increasing volumes of belly freight.

The area is advantageously located close to the apron and has a direct link to the motorway: the area is connected to the motorway network via the A113, thus putting it within close reach of all Europe’s main transport routes. Berlin and large parts of Brandenburg are only a short drive away.

Additionally, the airport perimeter road provides direct access to the Northgate and the Business Park Berlin.

Cargo Center Berlin

Cargo Center
In the first development stage Dietz AG has built a new cargo centre for belly freight on an area of approximately 3.3 hectares. The Cargo Center opened on 3 August 2013. Initially, the cargo centre will have a capacity of approximately 100,000 tons of cargo per year and can be extended in stages to keep pace with a rising demand.

Fit for the future

As of approximately 2020, plans envisage further expansion of the flight operation areas by extending Taxiway C towards the east and expanding the adjacent apron areas. The present General Aviation Terminal (GAT) will be relocated north to Ramp 3 by approximately 2020 where the new Business Aviation area will evolve in the immediate vicinity of the new government airport.

By relocating the GAT to the Service Area North, sufficient space will be available over the long term for bundling all cargo and logistics processes at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Short routes guarantee an optimum process chain both for handling belly freight and all-cargo.  

Service Area North in figures

Total area: 24 hectares
Building height: max. 23 metres
Plot sizes: variable plot layouts

Potential uses

  • Logistics
  • Airport-related uses
  • Fuelling station
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