Commercial users in a technical environment

Maintenance Area .

Westgate is a quarter that is being developed in the immediate vicinity of the Maintenance Area. The Maintenance Area’s airside plots will accommodate the maintenance hangars and the buildings housing the airport infrastructure.

On the landside there is space for complementary functions in the Westgate quarter, as this area is in the immediate vicinity of access gate West. An area of around seven hectares has been set aside for commercial aviation-related users here. This also gives the Westgate site a greater location advantage over the competition.

The local authority passed a resolution to establish a development plan for this area which envisages commercial facilities with a technical alignment and strong airport reference as the future land-use focus in this area. The nearby suburban railway station and link to the B96a offer excellent transport connections.

Westgate in figures

Net building land: around 5 hectares
Building height: 5 storeys
Gross floor area: 30 000 Square Meters
Plot sizes: variable plot layouts

Potential uses

  • Maintenance facilities
  • Technical services
  • Airport-related services