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Rendering of Airport City

New perspectives for your company

Europe’s most modern airport stands for the very best, most promising business and investment prospects. Developers and investors have been swift to recognize the potential of this location and the first pilot projects have already been successfully completed. They form the overture for the development of this prime real estate location, which is set to start flourishing before the new airport opens and will pick up even more speed once BER starts operating.

A broad portfolio of high-quality sites

Berlin Airports is the biggest seller of high-quality sites directly at and around the new airport, in Berlin and in Brandenburg. The portfolio currently comprises nine development sites, both on the airport site and outside the perimeter fence, all with their own specific qualities. Practically all user groups, from offices to hotels, leisure, conferences and congresses, trade, logistics and light manufacturing, aviation and airport services and many other sectors, will find the ideal site here at BER.

Top investment location

Berlin Airports is committed to developing BER and making it one of the region’s most outstanding property locations. This is a process that takes time, courage and a wealth of innovative business ideas. We envisage this undertaking as a collaborative process, fuelled by passion and vision, and we actively seek to enter into an ongoing dialogue with developers, investors, users and enterprises.

Gallery Real Estate

  • Airport City: The heart of the new airport
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Center
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Center