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For Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, open-mindedness, a willingness to perform and economy are the three factors on which we base our actions. We build awareness throughout the company for the laws, regulations and international guidelines that govern FBB’s operations with a variety of measures, including training courses. Within this framework, strengthening our compliance culture, which is based on binding values and ethical standards, is a key aspect of our corporate culture. To support this culture throughout the company we have established a Compliance Management System and a Reporting System. Employees of the airport operating company and external parties – including contractors, service providers and business partners – can contact the Compliance Office or an Ombudsman should they have any questions or suggestions regarding compliance. Both are responsible for investigating all allegations and instances of corruption, fraud, economic crime or theft.

The FBB Compliance Office is the central compliance centre in the company, and its tasks and responsibilities are separate from all other corporate functions. The office is headed by our Compliance Officer, Elke Schaefer. The Compliance Office is the central point of contact and advice for all issues concerning compliance. All reports submitted to the Compliance Office will be handled with complete and utmost confidentiality.

The FBB Ombudsman, Dr. Rainer Frank, is also a contact person for all questions concerning compliance. In accordance with his oath of confidentiality as an attorney, the ombudsman will handle all information provided with the utmost confidentiality, and will ensure that the anonymity of anyone providing information is protected. Information will only be passed on to the Compliance Officer if the person providing the information has authorised Dr. Frank to do so.

The Compliance Committee advises and supports the company in implementing standardised Compliance Tools; it provides recommendations on handling investigations and examines compliance reports. In urgent cases the Committee coordinates the fields of responsibility and prepares recommendations for the Board of Management on the appropriate sanctions and measures that should be taken.

Compliance Officer Elke Schaefer

Elke Schaefer Compliance Officer Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

+49 30 6091-70170


Dr. Rainer Frank Lawyer

+49 30 31868566

Reference System

Reference system compliance

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