BIM starts guided tours around Tempelhof Airport

Popular Tempelhof tours to continue Tempelhof Airport remains open to general public
Tempelhof Airport will be closing on 30 October 2008: This day marks the end of a great chapter in the history of European aviation: for pilots, passengers and countless visitors, Tempelhof Airport has always been a very special place and an exciting experience.

In future, BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH (BIM) will be in charge of organising the popular guided tours around Tempelhof Airport, thus ensuring that the general public retains access to one of Berlin’s most impressive landmarks. The quality of the tours will remain as high as ever, as the original tour guides – most of whom are seasoned Tempelhof tour guides – will work with BIM and will continue to provide visitors with a wealth of fascinating historic facts about Tempelhof Airport.

All tours until 30 October 2008 are fully booked. If you are interested in booking tours after this date, kindly contact BIM direct.

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