No loopholes in security: Regarding yesterday's report by rbb on the BER construction site


The work carried out on the construction site for Berlin Brandenburg Airport has been in line with BER site regulations and logistics procedures since building work began in September 2006. These regulations and procedures constitute a clearly defined set of rules established by the airport company FBB. The rules are binding for all companies working on the construction site, including all subcontractors.

Construction workers are granted access to the completely enclosed construction site when they are in possession of a personalised construction site ID card. In exceptional cases, site regulations and logistics procedures allow special temporary

access: individual companies can thus bring employees onto the construction site by bus, if they are in possession of a group ID. This is only a temporary measure until the relevant personalised construction site ID cards are issued, and helps ensure particularly labour-intensive tasks such as cleaning are executed smoothly. Companies are obliged to keep daily lists of names of construction workers employed and submit these to the airport company.

There are no loopholes in security, as suggested in yesterday's report by rbb, because the construction site is not a safety-sensitive area. Before going into operation, the airport will be searched thoroughly under the supervision of the aviation authorities and with the help of the federal and state police.

All airport contractors must sign a collective wage agreement and are obliged to pass this on to potential subcontractors.



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