Discover Europe with Ryanair: New Ryanair base opens at Schönefeld Airport


Ryanair today opened a new base at Schönefeld Airport. The low-cost airline celebrated the launch of the new base with Berlin-Schönefeld Airport and invited guests, media representatives and passengers.

Elmar Kleinert, Head of Operations for Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, said: “We are very happy that Ryanair is opening a base at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport. Schönefeld is benefiting as an airport location from more passengers, and the airport region is benefiting from the creation of jobs. Of course passengers are also benefiting from a choice of 24 attractive destinations throughout Europe. Ryanair is an important partner at the Schönefeld location. We would like to thank Ryanair for their effective collaboration, and we wish them continued success, pleasant journeys and a successful future in Berlin.”

Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer Ryanair: “Berlin is a wonderful city, one of the most interesting travel destinations on our route network, and a brilliant mix of everything that is good about Germany and Europe. I think there are real parallels between Berlin as a city and Ryanair as an airline: Both have always stood out from the crowd, staying unique and independent; both have changed dramatically in the past 30 years; and they both now play a significant role in Europe. We are very excited about opening our base in Berlin. Ryanair is proud to be able to say, “We are Berliners”.

24 routes from Berlin-Schönefeld in the winter schedule

Ryanair has stationed five Boeing 737-800s at Schönefeld Airport. With 189 seats each, these planes will carry up to 3.5 million holidaymakers and business travellers to 24 destinations within Europe. These five planes will create up to 2,600 jobs for the region. From summer 2016, the choice of destinations from Berlin-Schönefeld will increase to 27 with the addition of Malta, Pisa and Zadar.

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