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Flight to / via Departure Expected Counter Gate Status
EZY4755 Split 07:20 08:45 B20-B29 63 End of Boarding
BUC6032 Bourgas 08:10   D54-D56 04 End of Boarding
EZY4611 Zurich 08:25   B20-B29 62 End of Boarding
FR 183 Cologne/Bonn 08:25   D40-D45 15 End of Boarding
EZS4633 Basel 08:30   B20-B29 59 End of Boarding
D8 3301 Copenhagen 08:50   D47-D49 12 End of Check-in
EZY4653 Venice 09:10 09:55 B20-B29 Check-in
NMA6389 Hurghada 09:30   A11-A13 Check-in
FR 2527 Madrid 09:35   D40-D45 Check-in
EZY2102 London LTN 09:55   B20-B29 Check-in
FR 8543 London STN 10:00   D40-D45 Check-in
SU 2685 Moscow SVO 10:00   A01-A04 Check-in
FR 2599 Riga 10:05   D40-D45 Check-in
EZY4621 Budapest 10:15   B20-B29  
FR 5202 Sevilla 10:30   D40-D45  
FR 1144 Manchester 10:45   D40-D45  
FV 6642 St. Petersburg 10:45   A06-A07  
EZY4545 Nice 10:55   B20-B29  
EZY4575 Naples 11:00   B20-B29  
FR 1711 Krakow 11:05   D40-D45  
FR 110 Palma de Mallorca 11:20   D40-D45  

All departures

Flight from / via Arrival Expected Gate Status
EZS4634 Basel 07:55 07:29 A Arrived
FR 182 Cologne/Bonn 08:00 07:40 D Arrived
D8 3300 Copenhagen 08:20 08:06 D Arrived
NMA6388 Hurghada 08:30 08:02 A Arrived
EZY4654 Venice 08:40 09:21 A Delayed
SU 2684 Moscow SVO 09:00 08:52 A  
FR 2526 Madrid 09:10 09:02 D  
EZY2101 London LTN 09:20 09:18 A  
FR 8542 London STN 09:35 09:15 A  
FR 163 Brussels 09:40   D  
EZY4554 Copenhagen 09:45   A  
EZY4632 Basel 09:50   A  
FV 6641 St. Petersburg 09:55 09:53 A  
FR 5201 Sevilla 10:05 09:48 D  
FR 197 Budapest 10:20   A  
EZY4562 Amsterdam 10:30   A  
FR 145 London STN 10:40   A  
FR 4731 Milan BGY 10:55   A  
EZY1895 Manchester 11:00   A  
FR 135 Rome CIA 11:00   D  

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Arriving and departing

Arriving and departing

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Getting to and from the airport

It’s quick and easy to get to Schönefeld Airport. This route planner makes it simple to work out the best way to get to and from the airport, regardless of whether you’re travelling by car, public transport or bike.

Shops and restaurants at the airport



Schönefeld Airport has a wide range of shops. From souvenirs to travel accessories and luxury goods, there’s something for everyone at Schönefeld Airport.

Food and drink

Food and drink

With so many different places to eat, time will fly before your departure. The airport’s eateries serve fast, delicious, good-quality food. From bistros to diners and bars to pubs, there is a full range of food and drink on offer.

Airport map

Airport map

Airport map

Our map makes it quick and easy to find your way around Schönefeld Airport. The terminals, gates and airport services are all clearly marked.

Flughafen Schönefeld (SXF)



Joon increases their services

Joon, “Air France’s little sister“, now flies seven times a day from Berlin Tegel to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. morezum Thema: Joon increases their services

Schwanger fliegen

Flying pregnant: What you need to know

You’d like to fly during your pregnancy? Enjoy a final holiday as a couple before your family life begins and everything changes? Why not. For women, whose pregnancy has no complications, flying is mainly unproblematic. morezum Thema: Flying pregnant: What you need to know

Pick up

Try the new pick up rate in Schönefeld now

In carpark P4 at Schönefeld airport, there is a new short-stay rate available. Book in advance to enjoy two hours of parking. morezum Thema: Try the new pick up rate in Schönefeld now

Delta Air Lines

To the Big Apple with Delta Airlines

From now Delta Air Lines resume their daily flights from Berlin Tegel to New York JFK in the USA. morezum Thema: To the Big Apple with Delta Airlines

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