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Flight to / via Departure Expected Counter Gate Status
SU 2315 Moscow SVO 17:05   A01-A04 07 Departed
EZY4733 Vienna 17:45   B21-B29 64 Boarding
EZY1896 Manchester 17:50   B21-B29 63 Boarding
FR 146 London STN 17:50   D40-D44 09 Boarding
EZY1746 Toulouse 17:55   B21-B29 03 Boarding
D8 3303 Copenhagen 18:00   D45-D48 12 End of Check-in
EZY4567 Amsterdam 18:00   B21-B29 58 Boarding
EZY8214 London LGW 18:05   B21-B29 61 Boarding
FR 8559 Dublin 18:05   D40-D44 65 Boarding
EZY1596 Geneva 18:35   B21-B29 Check-in
FR 140 Rome CIA 18:40   D40-D44 Check-in
EZY4675 Milan MXP 18:45   B21-B29 Check-in
FR 4734 Milan BGY 18:45 19:05 D40-D44 Check-in
EZY4617 Zurich 18:55   B21-B29 Check-in
TO 4699 Nantes 19:20   A11-A13  
FR 2590 Malaga 19:30   D40-D44  
FR 166 Brussels 19:35   D40-D44  
EZY4559 Copenhagen 19:50   B21-B29  
EZY7652 Lisbon 20:00   B21-B29  
DY 1109 Oslo 20:05   D45-D48  

All departures

Flight from / via Arrival Expected Gate Status
FR 1106 Nis 17:05 16:50 A Arrived
ST 2991 Tenerife 17:20 17:39 D  
EZY4574 Luxembourg 17:25 17:06 A Arrived
EZY4576 Naples 17:30 17:25 A Landing
D8 3302 Copenhagen 17:30 17:32 D  
EZY4548 Marseille 17:35 17:27 A Landing
FR 8558 Dublin 17:40 17:33 A Landing
FR 151 Glasgow 17:45 17:28 D Landing
ST 2105 Marsa Alam 18:00 18:21 D Delayed
EZY4624 Budapest 18:05 18:04 A  
EZY4566 Amsterdam 18:10 18:16 A  
EZY4542 Nice 18:15 17:58 A  
FR 2607 Treviso 18:20 18:26 D  
TO 4698 Nantes 18:40 18:29 A  
FR 2591 Malaga 19:05 19:08 A  
FR 133 Barcelona 19:10 19:19 D  
EZY4502 Palma de Mallorca 19:20 19:05 A  
EZY7651 Lisbon 19:25 19:21 A  
DE 491 Hurghada 19:30 19:13 D  
DY 1108 Oslo 19:35   D  

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Arriving and departing

Arriving and departing

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Getting to and from the airport

It’s quick and easy to get to Schönefeld Airport. This route planner makes it simple to work out the best way to get to and from the airport, regardless of whether you’re travelling by car, public transport or bike.

Shops and restaurants at the airport



Schönefeld Airport has a wide range of shops. From souvenirs to travel accessories and luxury goods, there’s something for everyone at Schönefeld Airport.

Food and drink

Food and drink

With so many different places to eat, time will fly before your departure. The airport’s eateries serve fast, delicious, good-quality food. From bistros to diners and bars to pubs, there is a full range of food and drink on offer.

Airport map

Airport map

Airport map

Our map makes it quick and easy to find your way around Schönefeld Airport. The terminals, gates and airport services are all clearly marked.

Flughafen Schönefeld (SXF)


filming in Tegel

The airport as a film set

Everyone knows the opening scene of the film “Love Actually” in London Heathrow Airport... morezum Thema: The airport as a film set

easyJet TXL

95 easyJet routes now bookable

With the 2018 summer flight plan, easyJet is significantly increasing the number of routes from Schönefeld and Tegel, a new destination within Germany is Cologne. morezum Thema: 95 easyJet routes now bookable


No normal souvenir shop: #veryberlin

The new #veryberlin shop, offering stylish fashion and unusual souvenirs, awaits in Schönefeld Airport. morezum Thema: No normal souvenir shop: #veryberlin


Low-cost flights to Asia with Scoot

Scoot is connecting Berlin with Singapore from 20th June 2018 and is offering discount prices until 31st January. morezum Thema: Low-cost flights to Asia with Scoot

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