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If you are staying at the airport for a longer period of time or would like to deposit your luggage before departing from Tegel Airport, you can leave your suitcases at the left luggage office for a few hours or days.

Luggage up to a size of 90 x 60 x 30 cm costs € 7.20 per item per calendar day, bulky luggage costs € 9.90 per calendar day. The length of time items can be kept in storage is unlimited.

You will find the left luggage facility at Tegel Airport in the service centre in Terminal A (ground floor). The left luggage office is open every day (Mon-Sun) from 5 am until 10.30 pm.


Service Centre 4S GroundLogistics GmbH

+49 30 4101-2315 +49 30 4101-3434

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