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Rheinsberg Castle

Schloss Rheinsberg

Rheinsberg Castle is located approx. 80 km north of Berlin on the beautiful lake Grienericksee. Originally it was a medieval moated castle. From 1734, it was converted for Crown Prince Friedrich (the future Frederick the Great). In the course of the following decades, the castle park, the cavalier’s house and the castle theatre were created. Today, the musical academy is housed here, whose concerts are known far beyond the national borders.

To get more information about the legendary place and the historical artworks from the 18th century there are offered guided tours or audio guides.

In the castle, there is also a memorial for Kurt Tucholsky, which is devoted to the life and work of the author who is one of the most significant social critics of the Weimar Republic.

Don’t miss a walk through the beautifully landscaped park with the worth seeing Orangery and the “Heckentheater”.

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