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Flight to / via Departure Expected Counter Gate Status
4U 019 Cologne/Bonn 16:45   A12 A12 Departed
LH 195 Frankfurt 16:45   A06 A06 Departed
BA 985 London LHR 16:50 17:05 A05 A05 Departed
AB 8552 Graz 16:55   C40-C57 C44 Check-in
AB 6201 Munich 17:00   A01 A01 End of Check-in
AB 8006 Stockholm ARN 17:00   C40-C57 C42 Boarding
AB 8266 Budapest 17:00   C40-C57 C66 End of Boarding
AB 8410 Vienna 17:00   C40-C57 C48 End of Boarding
LH 2043 Munich 17:00   A08 A08 End of Boarding
AB 6513 Cologne/Bonn 17:05   A13 A13 Boarding
AB 6553 Stuttgart 17:05   C40-C57 C38 End of Boarding
AB 8216 Warsaw 17:05   C40-C57 C46 Boarding
4U 2005 Stuttgart 17:10   A14 A14 Boarding
AB 6482 Saarbrücken 17:10   C40-C57 C39 Check-in
AB 8570 Zurich 17:10   A07 A07 Boarding
AB 6447 Düsseldorf 17:10 17:26 A02 A02 Check-in
4U 8836 Bologna 17:20   D85-D91 D73 Boarding
AB 6641 Karlsruhe 17:20   C40-C57 C50 Check-in
AB 8236 Gdansk 17:20   C40-C57 C64 Check-in
4U 8046 Düsseldorf 17:25   D85-D91 D71  

All departures

Flight from / via Arrival Expected Gate Status
OS 293 Vienna 16:40 16:26 E Arrived
AB 3299 Kos 16:40 16:29 C Arrived
4U 8527 Barcelona 16:40 16:43 E Arrived
4U 8045 Düsseldorf 16:50 16:40 E Arrived
LH 190 Frankfurt 16:55 16:34 A09 Arrived
LH 2044 Munich 16:55 17:01 A11 Landing
4U 010 Cologne/Bonn 17:10 17:40 E  
AF 1834 Paris CDG 17:20 17:24 E  
4U 8463 London LHR 17:25 17:36 E  
4U 8991 Moscow VKO 17:40 17:30 E  
AB 8105 Moscow DME 17:50 18:08 A02  
AB 6200 Munich 17:55   C  
LH 192 Frankfurt 17:55   A08  
AY 917 Helsinki 17:55 17:54 E  
AB 6512 Cologne/Bonn 18:00   C  
AB 6552 Stuttgart 18:00   C  
TK 1723 Istanbul IST 18:00 18:20 A01  
AB 8411 Vienna 18:05   A07  
KL 1833 Amsterdam 18:05   E  
SN 2587 Brussels 18:05   A06  

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Arriving and departing

Arriving and departing

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Getting to and from the airport

It’s quick and easy to get to Tegel Airport. This route planner makes it simple to work out the best way to get to and from the airport, regardless of whether you’re travelling by car, public transport or bike.

Shops and restaurants at the airport



Tegel Airport has lots of places for passengers and visitors to shop. The varied range of stores stocks international brands, the latest fashion trends, practical travel accessories and Berlin souvenirs.


Food and drink

With so many different places to eat, time will fly before your departure. Cosy cafés and stylish restaurants invite you to sit back and enjoy Tegel Airport. From a quick takeaway snack to a three-course meal, there is a full range of food and drink on offer.

Airport map

Airport map

Airport map

Our map makes it quick and easy to find your way around Tegel Airport. The terminals, gates, Boulevard Tegel and airport services are all clearly marked.


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Airport map

Airport map
Orientation made easy: our terminal map helps you find your way around the terminals at Tegel Airport. From arrival/departure displays and passenger information to customs – everything is listed.

How to get here

How to get here
Tegel Airport has excellent road and public transport connections to the city centre of Berlin and the surrounding region. Click here for more information about getting to and from the airport by car and public transport.
Shops and
Restaurants at
Tegel Airport