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This service will be available when the airport opens.


This service will be available when the airport opens.

Arriving and departing

Arriving and departing

Auto BVG Fahrrad

Getting to and from the airport

It’s quick and easy to get to Berlin Brandenburg Airport. This route planner makes it simple to work out the best way to get to and from the airport, regardless of whether you’re travelling by car, public transport or bike.

Shops and restaurants at the airport


A unique shopping experience

From souvenirs to travel accessories and luxury goods, the stores at BER stock a wide range of international, national and local brands. With quality to impress you, innovativeness to intrigue you and old favourites to fall in love with, the stores’ first-class brands and ranges will make BER a unique destination.


Food and drink at BER

From a quick takeaway snack to a three-course gourmet meal, the new airport will boast high-quality regional and international cuisine. The varied range of food on offer will have one thing in common: top quality across the board.

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Airport map

Airport map

Airport map

Orientation made easy: our airport map provides an overview of the new airport to help you find your way around. The airport is accessible via Melli-Beese-Ring, the main terminal ring.


Amman Skyline

Amman – a traditional yet modern financial metropolis

The city offers a mixture of traditional and modern-day life for an exciting travel experience. morezum Thema: Amman – a traditional yet modern financial metropolis

Fly Jetairfly to Antwerp

Fly Jetairfly to Antwerp

On 18 April 2015, the Belgian charter and scheduled airline Jetairfly started operating from Berlin Tegel Airport. morezum Thema: Fly Jetairfly to Antwerp

Airport Night Run 2015

Airport Night Run 2015

A total of 4065 runners took part in the annual night-time race across the illuminated BER grounds. morezum Thema: Airport Night Run 2015

Fly airberlin to Praque and Billund

To Prague and Billund with airberlin

The summer flight plan sees airberlin extending its route network from Berlin by two new destinations: Prague and Billund. morezum Thema: To Prague and Billund with airberlin

Investment location airport

Rendering of Airport City
An excellent infrastructure, optimum transport connections and a central geographic location are decisive factors for most enterprises when selecting a location. Click here to find out more about the advantages of BER as a prime investment location.

The excitement of airports

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Center
Visit Berlin Brandenburg Airport and Schönefeld and Tegel airports. Here you will find information about airport tours, activities and tours for children, and the opening times of the visitors’ terraces and Infotower. Come and experience the airport atmosphere!
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