Walk through aviation history

At Berlin Brandenburg Airport you can take a stroll through German aviation history. The streets and squares are named after personalities from aviation as well as Willy Brandt, the airport's namesake. All street signs feature QR codes. To decode the QR codes, you need a smartphone and a suitable app. Photograph the QR code and learn more about the German aviation pioneers.

Brunolf Baade

Brunolf Baade is closely connected with the aviation industry in the former GDR.

Arthur Berson

Arthur Berson was a meteorologist and pioneer of German atmospheric science.

Hugo Eckener

Hugo Eckener was principally involved with the development of airships.

August Heinrich Euler

August Heinrich Euler was a flight pioneer and State Secretary in the German Empire’s Ministry of Aviation.

Fritz Horn

Fritz Horn was a successful manager and pilot in German aviation.

Melli Beese

Amelie Hedwig Beese, also known as “Melli”, was the first female German pilot.

Ludwig Bölkow

Ludwig Bölkow made aviation history as an engineer and entrepreneur. 

Oskar Erbslöh

Oskar Erbslöh was one of the most important pioneers in German aviation.

Henrich Focke

Henrich Focke is known for the construction of airplanes and helicopters.

Hugo Junkers

Hugo Junkers was an engineer and owner of Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG.

Elly Beinhorn

Elly Rosemeyer-Beinhorn was a very well-known German aviator.

Willy Brandt

Willy Brandt is the namesake of Berlin Brandenburg Airport. 

Margarete von Etzdorf

Margarete von Etzdorf was the second German woman with a pilot’s license. 

Wolfgang von Gronau

Wolfgang von Gronau is a pioneer of German aviation born in Berlin.

Hermann Köhl

Hermann Köhl crossed the Atlantic in an east-west direction in 1928 with a motor plane.

Arthur Müller

Arthur Müller war an der Gründung des Flugplatzes in Berlin-Johannisthal beteiligt.

Walter Rieseler

Walter Rieseler war Erfinder, Fluglehrer und Pionier der deutschen Luftfahrt.

Pabst von Ohain

Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain war ein deutsch-amerikani-
scher Erfinder und Physiker.

Georg von Tschudi

Georg von Tschudi war ein Pionier und Förderer der deutschen Luftfahrt.

Käthe Paulus

Katharina „Käthe“ Paulus war eine deutsche Ballonfahrerin und Luftakrobatin.

Georg Wulf

Georg Wulf war ein deutscher Flugzeugbauer und Pionier der Luftfahrt.