Potential for Growth

Long distance destinations from Berlin

The capital city region is well on its way to becoming one of the most important air traffic locations in Europe. The doubling of the number of passengers within the last 10 years to more than 35 million passengers is without equal in Europe. Potential for growth in the air cargo sector can be found above all on the long-haul and integrator markets.

About 100,000 tonnes of air cargo exports are annually transported, primarily by lorry, to the airlines’ European hubs in a catchment area of a three-hour drive around Berlin. These routes feature additional potential for non-stop flights from Berlin.

More than 50% of all air cargo exports head for Asian destinations. Many of these destinations could be served faster and at lower cost from Berlin. Shorter flight routes in comparison with airports located further to the west in Europe and the distribution of the cargo in Europe by lorry can be offered at a lower cost via Berlin.

Eastern Europe is also nearby. Poland is especially close — only an hour’s drive away. Lorries, for example, take only three hours to drive to the industrial city Poznań on the new motorway.

We will be glad to assist airlines/forwarding agents during their planning to transport additional air cargo via Berlin.

Torsten Jüling

Torsten Jüling Product Manager Air Cargo

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