Cargo Center

Cargo Center BER

The belly cargo as well as UPS are being handled by the BER Cargo Center. 

The first module of the Cargo Centre has a transshipment area of 12,000 square metres and can handle about 120,000 tons of belly cargo a year (max. cargo volume was 90,500t until now). Handling company's Wisag- as well as Swissport Cargo Service are in charge of aircargo handling.

Customs, border veterinarian service, plant health inspection & quality control are located right in the Cargo Center. There is a refrigeration centre with 2 temperature zones for 70–120 Euro pallets, dual view x-ray machines (alternatively EDD/dogs), storage facilities for radioactives and valuables on the Wisag premises. The air cargo forwarding agents have their own storage areas with own cooling facilities (DB Schenker).

UPS will stay at the cargo center until March'21. FedEx and the Red Cross are beeing handled at the Express Center in Schoenefeld/North.

On-site Companies Number 
Forwarding agents at airport 12
Airlines at airport 51
Express services at the airport UPS, (Federal Express@Express Center)
Destinations Number 
Domestic 7
Europe 96
Intercontinental DOH


Motorway Direct access (A113, exit 8)
Railway terminal

Direct access (in front of fuel farm)

Truck docks 25 (up to 20ft.Cont.)
        parking lot e.g. A117 parking spot "Waldeck"

Direct access to Cargo Center only for pre-registered trucks

  • address for navigation system: Georg-Wulf-Str.1, 12529 Schönefeld (see Download-PDF „Directions & Entrance regulations“)

Not yet registered trucks can us e.g. A117 parking lot "Waldeck" to arrange a truck dock slot (see Download-PDF „Directions & Entrance regulations“).

Torsten Jüling

Torsten Jüling Product Manager Air Cargo

  • Address
    Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
    Aviation Marketing
    12521 Berlin