Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL)

Tegel Airport
IATA Airport Code TXL
Airport reference point (ARP) / geographic location 52° 33' 34,87” N

13° 17' 15,76” O

Height: 122 ft

Distance 8 km north of the city centre of Berlin
Getting there Car, bus, taxi
Total area 466 ha
Apron / aircraft operation areas South apron: 
306,239 m²
Runway system

2 runways / parallel runway system (distance 250 m)

08 L 3,023 m x 46 m Approach category CAT III b 

26 R 3,023 m x 46 m Approach category CAT III b

08 R 2,428 m x 46 m Approach category CAT I 
26 L 2,428 m x 46 m Approach category CAT II

Cargo buildings Capacity: 40,000 t/year 
Quarantine station for animals, intermediate storage facilities for shipments containing radioactive substances
On-board Services Building (LSG) Basic area: 4,750 m²
preparation of in-flight meals
Technical and Airport Services Workshops and ancillary facilities, vehicle hall, central materials supplies, technical administration, special equipment, airport fuel station, airport fire service
Tower (German Air Traffic Control) Height: 47.5 m
Terminals Terminal A: Counter 0-15
Terminal B: Counter 22-39
Terminal C1: Counter 40-57
Terminal C2: Counter 60-73
Terminal C3: Counter 80-85
Terminal D: Counter 70-91
Terminal E: arrivals only
Traffic / Capacity 2018: approx. 22 million passengers

Night flight restrictions (all times in local time)

A general night flight prohibition applies in Tegel from 23:00 until 6:00. The only exceptions are night mail aircraft and special flights with specific clearance.

Aircraft Hangars



Last updated: July 2018