Airport identity cards

General information

Access to the security areas at the airport is subject to the provisions of the German Aviation Security Act. The requirements for admission vary depending on your place of work and the hours you work here. Anyone who is regularly employed by a company located at the airport requires a permanent identity card; anyone who requires admission to the airport security areas for a short time only requires a visitor identity card.

For detailed information about access rules and regulations, please consult Berlin Brandenburg Airport's identity card regulations.

What documents are required when applying for an airport security identity card?

  • Application for an airport security identity card, completed and signed by you and your employer (this application with original signatures must be submitted to us due to data protection requirements).
  • Application for a background check.
  • Copies of both sides of your personal identity card or a copy of your passport, including a registration certificate no more than four weeks old.

Background checks

Permanent access to the security areas is subject to a valid background check pursuant to Section 7 Aviation Security Act. You can submit an application for the check to our identity card service staff. If you are already in possession of this certificate - obtained from another state in Germany, for example - you may submit it along with your application documents to the local aviation authorities.

Aviation security training

Before you can be admitted to airport security areas, you must successfully complete an aviation security training programme in accordance with the Aviation Security Training Regulations. The training takes the form of an e-learning course. When you apply for an  identity card you will automatically receive the information required to access this course online.

Application period

Keep in mind that the time required to process an application for a permanent identity card will be between four and six weeks due to the time required to complete the background check. The processing period is, of course, shorter if you submit a valid background check certificate.

Collecting security passes

As soon as all conditions have been fulfilled you will receive notification by email or by phone that your pass is ready to be picked up. To collect your pass, please bring a valid ID card (EU citizens only) or a passport and your residence permit as applicable. You do not have to bring a passport photo as your photo will be taken here.

Returning identity cards

Holders of airport security identity cards must return the card or have it ammended by the identity card service if they change employers, terminate their employment contract or change their name. The loss of an identity card must be reported to the identity card service or the control centre for security immediately. All identity cards remain the property of the Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB).


Applications for airport security identity cards, background checks and the aviation security training programme are subject to charge. Please see the Berlin Brandenburg Airport fee schedule for “Other Services” for details.

Visitor identity cards

If you work intermittently for a company located at the airport, but need access to the security areas of Berlin Brandenburg Airport, you may apply for a visitor identity card.

Admission is limited to twelve days a year (thereof a maximum of five consecutive days and seven days in any one month) and, as a visitor, you must be accompanied by the holder of a permanent identity card.

The application must be submitted no later than 24 hours before admission to the identity card service or, outside of its opening times, to the control centre for security by the company receiving the visitor. The identity card must be returned to the access checkpoint when you leave the airport security area.

The issue of a visitor identity card is subject to charge. Please see the Berlin Brandenburg Airport fee schedule for “Other Services” for details.

If you will be driving a vehicle in the airport security areas, note that you must apply for a one-day driving permit as well as a visitor identity card.


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