Driving permits

General information

To drive in the security areas of Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin-Schönefeld Airport and Berlin Brandenburg Airport you require a driving permit specifically issued for your vehicle. You can apply for the following types of driving permits:
  • Permanent driving permit (maximum validity period two years)
  • One-day/multi-day driving permits
  • Replacement driving permits (provision right at security gate)

Replacement driving permits are issued at the access checkpoints.

The validity of a permanent driving permit is dependent on the operational period of your company, but it is valid for a maximum period of two years. If there is a change of vehicle or company, a new application must be submitted. Further requirements for the issue of a permanent driving permit are the possession of an airport security identity card for the airport security areas B (Baggage Area) or R (Ramp Area), verification of the roadworthiness of your vehicle (vehicle title) and adequate insurance cover.

Returning driving permits

Driving permits must be returned to or amended by the identity card service immediately if there is a change of vehicle or company. The loss of a driving permit must be reported to the identity card service or the control centre for security immediately. The driving permit remains the property of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB).

If you require only short-term admission at irregular intervals to the security area, you can apply for a one-day or multi-day driving permit. Application must be submitted in good time (24 hours in advance) to the identity card service or, outside of its opening hours, to the control centre for security. Keep in mind that you may drive your vehicle in the airport’s security areas only when accompanied by a follow-me service (airport security or notifying company). The driving permit must be returned to the access checkpoint when you leave the airport security area.


A fee will be charged for a vehicle access permit. For details of this fee and other fees and charges, please consult the fee and charges list for “Other Services”. The airport lock and key service must be advised immediately if any changes are made to the locking permits on the airport pass.

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