Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we have compiled answers to questions which we are often asked by businesses interested in renting shops, restaurants and service units.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. For details click on Contacts.

  • How does the rental process work?

    Once units become available to let, we invite operators and brands which we consider appropriate for the specific unit and its planned use to submit an application. We will then choose the most suitable applicant in a transparent selection process based on the predefined criteria which include: financial proposal, quality, and compliance with the overall airport retail concept.

    You are therefore welcome to send us a brief outline of your concept. If we are interested in your pitch, we may ask you to submit a full application at a later date.

  • What does Berlin Brandenburg Airport expect of its retail, restaurant and service unit tenants? What references are needed?
    We aim to fulfil and exceed the expectations of our guests with a unique range of retail, restaurant and service concepts. The prospective operator must be able to take the specifics of the airport environment into account when planning and operating their outlet. These specifics include extended opening hours, a seven-day week and higher expenses for extending and operating rented space due to the unique technical and operational set-up of an airport.

    As a result, we make special demands of our tenants' concepts and daily operations. We pay particular attention to:

    • commercial, financial and technical performance
    • provision of references: experience of operating at comparable locations with high frequency, evidence of qualifications
    • staff: language skills, friendliness, service ethos
  • How much is the rent for shops, restaurants and service units at BER?
    Depending on the concept and the unit's location within the terminal, our tenants pay a turnover-linked charge (turnover rent) combined with a minimum monthly rent. Rents are not based on a fixed amount per square metre.