Rentals and Centre Management

The Rentals and Centre Management department is part of the Commercial division. It looks after tenants who operate shops, restaurants or service companies at the airport. Our centre managers and marketing specialists develop strategies and concepts for future sales outlets. They also assist with acquisitions, rentals and general support during extension and conversion work and manage the centre itself.

  • Assisting tenants during ongoing operations
  • Maintaining and further developing an optimum range of businesses
  • Success-driven enhancement of tenants' performance
  • Contract and quality management
  • Marketing and sales promotions

Our goal is to fulfil the expectations of our customers and guests to the best of our ability.

With Berlin Schönefeld Airport being renamed BER Terminal 5, Terminal 1 being opened and Berlin Tegel being closed, Berlin’s airport landscape has certainly changed significantly as of the end of 2020.

A myriad of both air- and landside retail units opened in Terminal 1, with over 40 retail outlets and around 40 food outlets, including takeaways.

The heart of the BER retail concept is a large airside marketplace in the centre of the terminal with around 40 shopping, gastronomy and service areas. All departing passengers pass through this marketplace, inviting them to stroll and stay a while. The entrance to the marketplace is a large duty-paid shop. Located directly after the security checks, this shop is designed according to a “walk-through concept”. The marketplace offers target group-specific concepts for fashion, accessories, shoes, leather goods, jewellery and watches, consumer electronics, souvenirs, travel goods, stationery and games as well as media and books, amongst other things.

Attached to the marketplace, on a gallery, is the food court. Here, passengers can pick something from the offers of various caterers.

In the non-Schengen area, after passport control, passengers will find a duty-free shop with an area of around 1,000m2. This is also a “walk-through shop”. Connected to this are further retail, gastronomy and service areas, specifically designed to meet the needs of international clientele.

There are other retail, gastronomy and service providers in the public area on the departure and arrival levels as well as on level U1 above the train station. The target groups of these concepts are not only our departing and arriving passengers, but also those involved in drop-off and pick-up, visitors, and airport employees. There is a small supermarket, a bakery, a flower shop, a bookshop and a hairdresser, to name just a few.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the very low number of passengers, Terminal 5 will be closed from the end of February 2021 for an initial period of one year.