Rentals at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport will offer a wide variety of sales units, including 39 restaurants and 20 service companies.

The Market Place, an inviting 9 000 m² retail plaza at the heart of the main terminal, is the centrepiece of the BER retail concept. Approx. 35 stores and four restaurants invite passengers to relax and shop before boarding their flight. The entrance to the Market Place is an approx. 1,800 m² walk-through Duty Paid shop. Passengers pass through this shop right after the security checkpoints.

Concepts aimed at specific target groups are offered at the Market Place, including fashion (mainstream, premium, luxury), fashion accessories, shoes, leather goods, jewellery and watches, consumer electronics, souvenirs, travel essentials, stationery and toys, as well as media and books.

Also part of the Market Place is the Food Court, which is situated on the gallery. Here passengers can choose from seven food outlets spread across approx. 2,000 m². The retail and restaurant outlets in the piers continue the sophisticated concept of the Market Place. Here passengers can enjoy and shop at the upmarket bars and restaurants, souvenir and convenience shops, and take advantage of the best Duty Free offers.

Non-Schengen passengers pass through an approx. 1,000 m² walk-through Duty Free shop after passport controls. Beyond this, around 1,400 m² of retail, restaurant and service concessions await passengers, with all offerings carefully selected to cater to the needs of international customers.

Over 4,000 m² of space is available for retail, food and service outlets in the public area on the departures level, the arrivals level and the feeder level above the railway station. Besides outbound and inbound passengers, the concepts are also aimed at those bringing passengers to the airport, meeters and greeters, visitors and airport staff.