Rentals and Centre Management

The Rentals and Centre Management department is part of the Commercial division. It looks after tenants who operate shops, restaurants or service companies at the airport. Our centre managers and marketing specialists develop strategies and concepts for future sales outlets. They also assist with acquisitions, rentals and general support during extension and conversion work and manage the centre itself.

  • Assisting tenants during ongoing operations
  • Maintaining and further developing an optimum range of businesses
  • Success-driven enhancement of tenants' performance
  • Contract and quality management
  • Marketing and sales promotions

Our aim is to fulfil and exceed the expectations of our customers and guests at the Berlin airports.

Further information about the restaurant, retail and service concept at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Berlin Tegel Airport and Berlin Brandenburg Airport can be found on the following Web pages.

Boulevard Tegel Airport

Berlin Schönefeld Airport and Berlin Tegel Airport

Information on current restaurant, retail and service outlets can be found here. more zum Thema: Schönefeld and Tegel

Shopping at BER

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Information on the planned Retail concept as well as details on specific restaurant, retail and service concepts. more zum Thema: Berlin Brandenburg Airport