Berlin Tegel Airport

Tegel Airport
  • Tegel 'Otto Lilienthal' Airport is situated to the north of Berlin, approx. eight kilometres from the city centre. The international IATA code is TXL (ICAO: EDDT). 
  • The five terminals (A - E) were used by 22 million passengers in 2018.
  • A special feature is the hexagonal departure ring of Terminal A (main building). With an exterior facade stretching some 620 metres, the building houses 15 flight check-in areas, which are only approx. 15 metres from the inner ring access road.
  • Terminal A has 14 jetways. The other terminals have walk-boarding gates (for aircraft parking stands near the terminal) and bus-boarding gates.
  • Tegel Airport has a total of 50 aircraft parking stands.
  • The two parallel runways to the north of the check-in building are 205 metres apart. The north runway is 3,023 metres long, while the south runway is 2,428 metres long.
  • Tegel Airport is approved for CAT III b flight operations in bad weather.
  • Tegel Airport spans a total area of 466 hectares.
  • Tegel Airport can be reached by car, taxi or bus. Numerous bus connections, including express services to Berlin city centre, connect the airport to the public transport network. A coach connection continues to operate between Tegel Airport and Dresden.
  • Passengers and visitors can find a wide range of restaurants and shops spread across an area of 6,800 square metres.
  • The visitors' terrace on the roof of the main building offers all those interested an exciting insight into airport operations.