“The only constant thing is change.” (Heraklit von Ephesus, 535-475 v. Chr.) This quote applies wonderfully to the varied history of Berlin’s airports, which began in 1891 with Otto Lilienthal’s first flight attempts at Mühlenberg near Derwitz, on the outskirts of Berlin, and goes on to its next chapter with the commissioning of Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (BER).

Since flying was invented, Berlin has always had the right answer to the challenges of its eventful history. The first hub in the Golden Twenties, the Airlift at Tempelhof dur-ing the Berlin Blockade, Tegel Airport for the walled-in western part of the city.

Tempelhof has been closed since 2008. And Tegel Airport, which will be closed when the new airport opens, also has a special symbolic value for many Germans: it was once the gateway to the free world for walled-in West Berlin. Berlin Schönefeld Airport, which will continue to operate as Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)’s Terminal 5, was once considered the GDR’s central airport and boomed with the emergence of the low-cost airlines for many years like no other airport in Germany.

They are all regarded as German transport milestones and many Berliners and Brandenburgers associate them with nostalgic memories, which is why we would like to review their history here once again.

Construction BER (January 2008)

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

It all began in 1996: The shareholders Berlin, Brandenburg and the federal government decide to build the single airport. Read the history of BER here. more zum Thema: Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Schönefeld Airport

Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Berlin Schönefeld Airport can look back on an exciting history. In GDR times it was used as a central and government airport and has been expanded continuously over the years. Even with the commissioni... more zum Thema: Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Tegel Airport

Berlin Tegel Airport

Berlin Tegel Airport can look back on over seventy years of aviation history: from its beginnings during the Berlin Airlift in 1948 through the revolutionary new building in the 1970s to its new role a... more zum Thema: Berlin Tegel Airport

Tempelhof Airport

Berlin Tempelhof Airport

The former Berlin Tempelhof Airport is considered the cradle of aviation. At the end of the 1920s, Tempelhof was bursting at the seams: Berlin had grown into a hub for in-ternational air traffic and in... more zum Thema: Berlin Tempelhof Airport