With a voluntary programme launched in 2011, the airport operator has been examining the impact of air traffic on the air quality and food produced in the vicinity of the airport.
Vapour trail


Our long-term Environment Study Programme aims to document air quality and the environmental impact of air traffic. more zum Thema: Air

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring

This air quality monitoring point on the grounds of Schönefeld Airport documents the emissions caused by air traffic. more zum Thema: Air quality monitoring



Biomonitoring is a key part of the Environment Study Programme. Kale plants are examined for pollutants from air traffic. more zum Thema: Biomonitoring

Monitoring the bees

Honey Monitoring

Is honey from the airport vicinity safe for consumption? Honey Monitoring examines honey, pollen and honeycombs for signs of pollutants. more zum Thema: Honey Monitoring

Fuel dumping

Kerosene Dumping

The myth of kerosene dumping prior to landing is a stubborn myth in air traffic. The truth is that this only happens in emergencies. more zum Thema: Kerosene dumping