A day in the life of a "BA IND" student

I'm a BA student specialising in industry at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. Here I'll tell you all about my training, to give you an idea of what it's like and perhaps convince you that this could be the right career choice for you.

This is a cooperative study programme.  One semester consists of 12 weeks of theory and 12 weeks of practical training. A training agreement is signed with Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH and a training fee is paid for the entire training period. The cooperative study programme takes three years, i.e. six semesters. Lectures for the theoretical phase are held in the International University of Cooperative Education in Berlin. The theoretical phase is split into 10 weeks of lectures, which are compulsory, followed by two weeks of exams in which we can "offload" the wealth of knowledge we have acquired. Subjects covered during basic studies (semesters 1–4) include, for example, project management, materials management, socio-economics and marketing as well as core subjects such as maths and statistics. We also acquire soft skills such as methodological expertise.

In the main study period, advanced subjects are chosen from the basic study subjects, allowing you to delve more deeply into specific topics. Each theoretical phase is followed by a practical phase in which I do an assignment, combining the theoretical knowledge I have acquired with my practical training at the airport. This is also a major advantage over studying at university: you grow into the job in theory and in practice, get to know daily routines and experience "real" working conditions rather than just gain textbook knowledge. How many university graduates can say they have 18 months work experience right after completing their degree? This is precisely the experience we gain during the practical phase at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, where we are placed in various administrative departments. We become acquainted with and actively participate in the various tasks performed by each department, from Accounting and Marketing to HR, allowing us to gain a great deal of experience and expand and strengthen our knowledge.

The cooperative study programme ends with a Bachelor thesis and a Bachelor of Arts degree. Besides good to very good A level grades, an interest in business, a good head for figures as well as a sound knowledge of English are key requirements for successfully completing the training programme. Good general knowledge, especially in geography, is also required. The ability to work in a team, flexibility and the willingness to take part in such an intense course of study are essential.

I highly recommend this cooperative study programme at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. It really is interesting and fun.