A day in the life of a "BIT" student

I'm a BA student in Information Systems and am in my fourth semester. I chose this course because computer science seemed too theoretical and business administration too one-sided. Information Systems combines the two. Business problems are solved with the help of IT. The cooperative study programme and constant alternation between BA and the company means it never gets monotonous.

During the first four semesters of theory, we learn the fundamentals of economics (e.g. cost accounting and results accounts, financing and investment, socio-economics, etc.) and basic computer science (e.g. networks, databases, operating systems, programming). Both topics are incorporated into the timetable in approx. equal measure, making the theoretical phases quite varied. In the fifth and sixth semester, typical business information technology subjects such as e-Information Systems, IT management and software engineering are covered. Elective modules also enable you to specialise in particular areas.

During the practical phase, you will be placed in various specialist departments. I have had only positive experiences with my work placements in Real Estate Management, Purchasing, Accounting, Application Management, Marketing and Aviation Management. My colleagues have always been friendly and open in all of my work placements. After gaining a rough overview in the first two years, I'm now spending my third year of study in IT, where I will also write my Bachelor thesis. I'll find out exactly where I'm to be placed at the upcoming meeting with the department.

I chose to study at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, despite having other offers, as it seemed like a really exciting place to work. And I was totally right. Sometimes I find it hard to choose between work and sightseeing. No matter whether I'm driving over the apron or visiting the Airport Control Centre – I always get that special airport feeling, which is so hard to describe. I've never regretted my decision to study Information Systems at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH and can only recommend this combination.