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Working for Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH means more than fulfilling the dream of flying. We offer challenging and interesting fields of work — in an exciting growth industry. Have you become curious? Do you want to know more about Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH? This is where you will find all of the important information about us as an employer.

Annual Associate Interview

The annual associate interview is a dialogue instrument between the associate and supervisor. Its objective is to improve the work situation and cooperation and to describe the individual’s prospects for development.

Personnel Development

The specific qualification and the promotion of knowledge and skills are of great significance for the future capability of our company. We offer our associates a broad range of advanced training opportunities to enhance methodological, social and professional expertise. We provide additional training sessions and workshops for executives in managerial positions, teaching them the instruments required to generate a common understanding of management.

Company Health Management

Having satisfied and healthy associates is a matter dear to our hearts. Our company health management focuses on the prevention of work-related illnesses as well as the maintenance and promotion of health and the ability to perform well. We offer various preventive measures, including exercise programmes to strengthen the back, skin screening or Pilates exercises. A cooperative agreement with a chain of gyms assures favourable terms and conditions for doing sports. It is also possible to participate in one of the sports activities supported by the company (e.g. endurance sports, table tennis, tennis, football).

Idea Management

We encourage creativity and the generation of a wealth of ideas. This is the responsibility of our company idea management; associates can submit their own ideas for the improvement of procedures and processes in the company and are rewarded appropriately.


The basis for attractive compensation is the in-house collective bargaining agreement in force at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. It provides for rising compensation as professional experience grows. We also pay an attractive anniversary bonus to associates celebrating 25 or 40 years of service to the company. In addition, associates covered by the CBA receive a holiday bonus and the 13th month salary provided in the agreement. Associates not covered by the CBA and executive employees are paid variable compensation based on merit and performance. Annual compensation reviews ensure that the amount of the compensation corresponds to actual performance.

Working Hours

The majority of our associates work on a flexitime basis, whereby the core working period is from 9.00am to 2.00pm (Fridays until 1.00pm). A work week of 38.5 hours results in very flexible working hours because associates can maintain time accounts with as many as 100 positive or 40 minus hours. Furthermore, there are various shift models coordinated with the circumstances of the specific operation. Moreover, we are open to flexible part-time work solutions enabling our associates to coordinate optimally their need to reconcile family and profession. As seniority rises, the holiday leave increases and most of our associates enjoy more than 30 days of holiday a year. In addition, we grant longer-term family and parental leave for family reasons when associates need to care for relatives and sabbatical leave of up to 24 months.

Company Pension

A core element of our social benefits is our company pension plan, which plays an increasingly important role as a supplement to statutory retirement pensions. We support our associates in building up a company pension by participating in their contributions to the plan. Moreover, our associates have the opportunity to take advantage of a model for deferred compensation.

Associate Catering

Company restaurants provide healthy and balanced meals to our associates. Parallel to this, we utilise canteen vehicles to bring meals to associates doing shift and operational work.

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