Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Berlin Brandenburg Airport?
    Since 1992 we have trained around 25 young people every year. This has made us a successful and experienced training company. For instance, we have twice had the honour of training the country’s best aviation management assistant and our several of our trainees have won best-in-year awards from the Chamber of Commerce. Young people who have completed their training with us have an extensive and sound expert knowledge. Additionally, and very importantly, we view all apprentices and trainees as the future of our company. For this reason it is essential that they are given the opportunity to work in all the different departments so that they can familiarise themselves with all the facets of airport and aviation operations. This ‘full company’ approach serves to help our trainees and apprentices form networks across the company and sector as well as establishing useful contact and exchange opportunities. Special highlights in the training period are, for instance, the introductory course, the trainee trip and the trainee party, which the trainee organise themselves.
  • What happens in the selection procedure?
    First, the applications we receive are viewed and checked to see whether they fulfil our minimum requirements. If this is the case, then you will be invited to take an aptitude test. After the test we will narrow the selection and invite the candidates we consider suitable to an interview. After we have conducted all these interviews we draw up a ranking table and the candidates we would like to employ will receive a first pack of documents and a non-binding acceptance letter from us. After the works council has approved and you have passed the medical suitability checks you will receive an apprenticeship / training contract from us. As strict security rules apply at the airport you must also pass a security test. A successfully passed security test is a further condition for us offering you an apprenticeship or university degree contract.
  • What is the best way to prepare for the selection procedure?
    During the aptitude tests we will only ask you questions concerning topics you have covered at school. For commercial positions and students in the dual systems study course, these will include mathematics, English, general knowledge, geography and German. The technical apprentices and trainees will be tested in a reduced English section, in physics, mathematics and in German.
  • Can I also complete a university degree in Aviation Management with you?
    No, we do not offer training for this profession.
  • I am interested in several professions at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. Can I apply for several openings?
    Yes, you can. Simply complete an application form for each of the courses/careers you are interested in. What is important is that you describe why you would like to learn the profession you are applying for and why you think that you are suitable. We do not recommend using the same covering letter for multiple applications. Once we have seen your application documents we may get in touch and help you narrow down your options and put you down for one specific profession. We may at a later point during the interview ask you about your other choices.
  • Do you also train aviation service staff?
    No, we do not offer training for this profession.
  • Where can I live if I do not come from Berlin?
    Our company does not provide accommodation. We will, however, provide you with the names and addresses of landlords with whom we have prior experience and in whose apartments our trainees have always felt comfortable. These are mainly affordably-priced 1-room apartments in Rudow or Marzahn.
  • Do you offer additional training?
    Throughout your apprenticeship or training we will continue to help you attain further qualifications. Everyone starts with a basic IT course, where your working knowledge of the most commonly used MS Office programmes will be extended. All other additional courses and qualifications will depend on the profession you have chosen.
  • What chance do I have of receiving a full-time contract with your company after completing my training?
    Trainees and students in the dual-system course will receive a special collective wage agreement in our company. This and the works agreement determine whether you will be employed by our company after successfully completing your course. If their practical and theory results are very good then our trainees and apprentices are usually offered a six-month interim contract.

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