A day in the life of a "BA"

Typing, endless photocopying, boring day-to-day office work, phone calls or constantly making coffee – these are just some of the things people automatically associate with a business administrator. Well they couldn't be more wrong. This job is much more complicated, diversified and interesting than you might expect!

As a second-year trainee business administrator at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, I can tell you from experience that my job is anything but boring – which may well have something to do with where I work.

My training is extremely diversified. In the first 18 months I worked in seven different departments, learning the various work processes. Every few weeks I got to know new members of staff and learnt new tasks in departments such as Marketing & Public Relations, HR & Organisation and Accounting. This constantly presented me with new challenges and made me highly motivated. The staff here have great faith in their trainees, sometimes entrusting them to work independently on tasks and projects.

Although I was assigned different tasks in different departments, a great deal of organisation was required in almost every case, e.g.:

  • Making calls
  • Creating documents/tables
  • Mailing/photocopying/faxing
  • Working with various programs such as SAP
  • Sorting and distributing the post

Department-specific tasks always take priority, however, besides being really interesting and a lot of fun. Staff are open and friendly and always willing to help answer any questions that may arise. They are always there to lend a helping hand if need be and explain every task in detail.

Theoretical training takes place at the OSZ Dahme-Spreewald (sixth form college) in Königs Wusterhausen in the form of block instruction per training year.

Trainees of Berlin Brandenburg GmbH also appear at events and careers fairs such as the ITB, the ILA or Einstieg ABI, to help colleagues distribute information and represent the company. Such appearances are always a highlight. The best thing about my training is the extremely pleasant and sometimes even informal working atmosphere, the many new challenges, the diversity and, of course, the new knowledge gained.