Electronics engineer for information and systems technology

Electronics engineers for information und system technology ensure the functioning of small devices and complicated systems at the airport. This training programme is very challenging and varied. You will learn the key aspects of industrial systems and equipment – from planning through installation and maintenance to troubleshooting. Typical employment opportunities arising on completion of the training include jobs in the area of information and communication technology.



  • GCSEs or equivalent, advanced technical college certificate (in business management) or general school-leaving certificate qualifying for university admission
  • Good grades in maths and natural sciences as well as German and English


  • Interested in IT systems
  • Ability to think logically and analytically
  • Customer- and service-oriented
  • Flexible, willing to accept responsibility and enjoy learning

Start of training

1 August

Duration of training

Three-and-a-half years, but may be reduced to three years for outstanding performance in theoretical and practical training.

Course of training

The approx. nine-month basic training programme will be completed at the training workshop in Schoenefeld. Further training in information and communication technology will then take place at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Theoretical vocational training takes place at the School for Communication, Information and Media Technology (OSZ KIM) in Berlin. Over the course of 13 weeks' block instruction per training year, you will acquire fundamental theoretical knowledge.

Training fees

1st training year2nd training year3rd training year4th training year
€769,03 €822,69 €872,00 €940,38

Human Resources Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

  • Address
    Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
    12521 Berlin

Further information

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