Major emergency drill at Berlin Brandenburg Airport – CRASH BER 2012

Berlin, 07.03.2012
Crash BER
With around 700 participants, the major "CRASH BER 2012" emergency drill took place on Saturday, 3 March 2012 within the framework of trial operation at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. In the wake of the official opening on 3 June 2012, this drill included all of the emergency services involved in such an event.

The assumed situation and course of the drill

During poor weather conditions, an Airbus A320 lands hard on the southern runway at BER and a fire breaks out. A Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) air-traffic controller in the tower notifies the airport fire service. The airport fire service headquarters then inform all of the other command centres in accordance with the Berlin Brandenburg Airport emergency plan. The airport fire service is called out and starts rescuing passengers and fighting the fire at the aircraft. The regional fire and rescue services arrive at the agreed meeting and control points and support the rescue measures performed by the airport fire service.

As in a real emergency, the emergency operations centre in the new West Fire Station at Berlin Brandenburg Airport provides the operational command with assistance on site. This operations centre is manned by a representative of each of the services involved enabling swift and precise organisational co-ordination of the subsequent airport processes.


An initial positive conclusion was drawn on site: those involved were satisfied with the proceedings as it was possible to identify potential weak areas in the information chains and rescue steps, for example, during the "Crash BER 2012" emergency drill which was the intention of such trial operation. Over the next few weeks, the emergency drill will be evaluated in detail. Prior to the official opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport, two more drills will be taking place within the framework of pilot operation: partial evacuation of the terminal will be carried out on 31 March and action in the event of an aircraft hijack will be drilled under the management of the state police on 19 April.
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