Security has top priority: opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport postponed

Berlin, 08.05.2012
Aerial view

Technical problems with the fire protection systems force a delay in the opening of BER Airport. This difficult decision was taken by the airport operating company in light of the findings of the past few days. Until today, all those involved in planning the project were convinced that all technical equipment and systems required to ensure comprehensive and complete safety at the airport would be installed and ready in time for the opening of the new airport on 3 June. Following several crisis meetings over the weekend, the project directors have come to the conclusion that the completion and subsequent official inspection and approval of the technical safety systems at the new airport cannot be completed in time for the opening date originally scheduled. The relocation of air traffic from Schönefeld and Tegel to BER has been temporarily halted. The opening will be postponed until after the summer holidays.

The "Around the terminal" open days on 12 and 13 May will remain unaffected by the rescheduling of the airport opening and will go ahead as planned. The opening event on 24 May 2012 will not be taking place.

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