Airport opens on 27 October 2013; Capital requirement of €1.2bn

Berlin, 07.09.2012
Airport City
Today the new COO of Berlin Airport, Horst Amann, presented the results of his evaluation of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport to the airport’s Supervisory Board. The new opening date will be 27 October 2013, i.e. the beginning of the winter schedule 2013/2014. According to Amann, the first priority is to finalise all remaining actions plans. Subsequently, the construction works will resume in the autumn and will be concluded by summer 2013, so that the official approval procedures can be finalised in time for a trial period of several months.

The second key point on the agenda of the Supervisory Board was the financing of the new airport. The supervisory board noted in agreement that, according to the management team’s financing plan, there is an additional capital requirement of €1.2bn. The supervisory board recommends that the proprietors’ general meeting should take decisions as to how this capital requirement can be met. The European Commission is to be notified of the financing concept in the coming days.

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