Winter 2012/13 in Schönefeld and Tegel

Berlin, 12.10.2012
Berlin Airports kick off the winter season
Roll on winter: over 200 employees and 80 vehicles are ready for winter service operations across a movement area the size of some 180 football pitches; the stores are full, processes have been optimised and communication channels improved.

Over the past few months, the airport company has been working intensely with airlines, air traffic control and the relevant ground handling service providers on implementing measures to make handling and de-icing processes even more efficient.

Winter is always particularly challenging for carriers and traffic disruptions cannot always be ruled out. Passengers are therefore advised to check the situation at the airports and the status of their flights well before embarking on their journey. They should generally also allow themselves more time for travelling to the airport and checking in in winter. The airport company apologises to all passengers concerned for any delays or inconveniences.

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