Noise protection in special facilities

Blankenfelde, 24.10.2012
Noise protection in special facilities
Peter Lehmann, Head of the Department for Noise Protection at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, shows one of the newly installed fans in Ingeborg-Feustel primary school.
Apart from private households, approx. 50 individual facilities particularly worth protecting within the airport environment such as kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, churches and hospitals are also entitled to sound-proofing measures. Only recently, work to sound-proof Ingeborg Feustel primary school in Blankenfelde was completed. Two windows required replacement and 24 rooms were fitted with ventilation. In a voluntary measure, two additional rooms were fitted with ventilation, two additional windows fitted and extra space created for storage space lost. The total costs of sound-proofing the primary school came to approx. 357,000 Euro, of which 41,000 Euro was accounted for by these voluntary measures also paid for by the airport company.
Of the total of 50 facilities particularly worth protecting, 40 have already applied for sound-proofing measures.

Of which

  • construction measures have already been completed in 20 facilities and the costs reimbursed,
  • eight facilities meet the requisite conditions for commencing implementation of the construction measures with completion prior to commissioning of the BER,
  • two facilities meet the requisite conditions for commencing the construction measures. On account of the scope involved, these will not be concluded until after commissioning of the BER,
  • five facilities wish to postpone a decision as to what measures are to be realised only after the BER has gone into operation,
  • there are five facilities in which further processing by the airport company is only possible once the respective responsible body has decided in favour of sound-proofing measures.
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