7th AirportRun at BER

Berlin, 10.04.2013
AirportRun 2012

On Saturday, 27 April, at 7pm the starting shot will be fired for this year’s half-marathon at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Around 4,000 runners will set off along the south runway of Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The four kilometre long concrete runway is the first leg in the half-marathon and 10-kilometre race across the airport grounds. In 2013, the AirportRun race will be taking place in the evening for the first time. The lights illuminating the south runway promise to create a very special atmosphere in the twilight. The BER terminal will also be illuminated. Participants can choose between a half-marathon over a distance of 21.0975 kilometres, a 10-kilometre run and a 10-kilometre power walking course.

The AirportRun is organised by BERLIN LÄUFT. Over 2,000 participants have already registered. Participants registering before April 21 will pay a €25 fee for the half-marathon and €15 for the 10-km race; the charges for registrations received after this date will be €30 and €18 respectively. A €5 surcharge will be charged for registrations received from abroad. Participants who do not yet have a ChampionChip for electronic time keeping can rent one for €6. Registrations can be submitted online or by telephone; late registrations will be taken on the day of the event.

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