What is there to do during the holidays?

Berlin, 30.05.2013
A day at the airport

Between June 21 and August 2, children and their parents, grandparents, friends and visitors can spend a whole day at the airport. The meeting point for the start of the day’s tour is always from Monday to Friday at 9.30 am at Terminal C in Berlin Schönefeld, where we shall also hand out a packed lunch. To start off our tour, we shall first visit the Federal Police, then move on to the Airport Fire Brigade and then take a look at a Piper “Seneca” light aircraft. Afterwards we shall go on a bus tour over the apron and walk through the Lufthansa hangar. The next item on our itinerary is a visit to the Infotower followed by a relaxed lunch in the staff canteen. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to marvel at the aircraft from the visitors’ terrace of Berlin Schönefeld Airport. The tour ends at around 3 pm. The price for the day at the airport is 19 euros per person. Besides this special holiday tour, we also offer other activities for different age groups including our tour for pint-sized passengers, the explorers’ tour, birthday tours and the “Ready for Take-Off” tour. Holiday childcare organisations and individuals are also most welcome to spend a day at the airport.

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