Cargo Center at BER officially inaugurated

Berlin, 03.07.2013
Cargo Center at BER officially inaugurated
Today marks another milestone on the way to the opening of BER: in an official ceremony the Cargo Center on the grounds of Berlin Brandenburg Airport was inaugurated. The first tenants already have their own offices in the building. The next step is the gradual relocation of the authorities needed for goods clearance (plant health control, veterinary border controls, customs). In August 2013 the first airport processes start taking place at the BER Cargo Center, including the cargo handling services of UPS and Fedex and belly freight loading at Schönefeld. At the same time work will start to put in place the basic infrastructure which is the fundamental precondition for successful passenger operations. The Cargo Center is an essential module on the way along to the path to opening BER successfully and as soon as possible.

The opening of the Cargo Center at BER will also help to alleviate the air cargo situation at Tegel. From September 2013 air freight can be trucked to BER for handling. The cargo infrastructure in Tegel is reaching the limits of its capacity. Since 2010, the volume of cargo handled here has increased by 60 per cent and it is not feasible to enlarge the Tegel centre by expanding the cargo grounds.

The Cargo Center has 12,000 square meters of hall floor space, 7,000 square meters of office space and will open with a capacity of around 100,000 tons of freight per year. It is connected to the apron directly through a separate access control point. The Cargo Center will be used for handling belly freight specifically on long-haul flights at Berlin Brandenburg Airport once these have been relocated from Tegel to BER.

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