New greenery for the airport surroundings

New greenery for the airport surroundings

The elm saplings are now an impressive three to four metres high and already have a trunk circumference of 14 to 16 cm. They are to be planted near the suburb of Telz just in time for sprouting. The campaign is part of the compensatory measures within the framework of new development of Berlin Brandenburg Airport: for each tree sacrificed for the new airport, new trees are planted in the surrounding environment.

An experienced landscaping company has been commissioned with the planting campaign. This company will also be in charge of tending to the trees for the next three years. In other areas of the region, more trees and shrubs are to be planted, primarily trees which are indigenous to the area such as fruit, alder, oak and maple trees. The aim of the project is to create "a green strip" around Berlin Brandenburg Airport featuring attractive recreational areas and habitats for flora and fauna.

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