Information system launched at Tegel Airport

Verkehrsübergreifendes Informationssystem am Flughafen Tegel gestartet

In order to keep incoming passengers even better informed about the current traffic situation in and around Tegel Airport, the airport’s traffic information system – AIRVIS – was put into operation.

The first step was to install info screens in the Arrivals areas of Terminal A and E as well as in the car rental centre. These offer travellers information on the current traffic situation on the road network in and around Berlin. In addition, passengers travelling further by public transport will find information on the quickest way to the bus stops and live departures for buses heading towards Berlin city centre at a glance. In the event of disruptions to local public transport or incidents involving private transport, a ticker will describe the respective restrictions and suggest possible alternatives. The system will be further developed over the coming months.

The AIRVIS project pools all relevant data and information from Berlin and Brandenburg, in particular from the airport control centres, the Traffic Information Center (VIZ) and the regional public transport network (VBB), in order to be able to make a current, comprehensive and consistent assessment of the traffic situation.

Airport Info

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