3,400 hp to Combat the Snow

snow plowing service

Wintry weather is presumably not very far ahead. Then the order of the day will once again be de-icing, gritting, clearing — winter service when ice and snow are on the ground is a matter of course for many. However, a lot has to be done ahead of time. Service personnel at the airport begin to think about the winter while others are still enjoying the warmth of summer. Preparations for the winter service have been moving ahead at top speed since the middle of the year. If everything is to run smoothly when winter arrives, personnel and vehicle fleet must be ready to handle whatever weather conditions may occur. Among other measures, four new vehicles for the runway fleet have been purchased for the Airport Company this year.

Each of the four new sweeper-blower vehicles has two engines, each with an output of 428 hp, to handle the required clearing work on the movement areas. One engine is used to drive the clearance vehicle and its weight of about 21 tonnes while the second engine provides power to the 6.3-metre-long brush and jet nozzle with an air flow of 10 cubic metres a second. The snowplough itself has a width of 7.2 metres and weighs 2.7 tonnes.

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