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Arbeitsstättenerhebung 2014: Flughäfen sind Job- und Wachstumsmotor für die gesamte Region

The growth in jobs at the Berlin airports continues unabated. Aviation directly provides a total of 21,362 jobs in and around Germany’s capital city. This represents an increase of 1,978 jobs (+10.2 per cent) since the last workplace study two and a half years ago. Two new jobs have been created every day. The 2014 workplace study includes all the jobs at the airport company, its tenants’ businesses and concession operators which depend directly on Berlin’s air traffic. The figures include full-time employees, part-time workers and apprentices. The reporting date was 1 July 2014. The workplace study has been conducted regularly since 1993.

Key study findings at a glance:

  • 12,063 people work at Berlin Tegel Airport. It therefore provided 131 more jobs (+1.1 per cent) than in 2012. The number of jobs has risen by 66 per cent since 2006.
  • The number of employees at Berlin Schönefeld increased by 907 (+12.9 per cent) and now stands at 7,937.
  • 765 people currently work at the future Berlin Brandenburg Airport (excluding planning and construction).
  • In addition to this, there are 597 off-airport jobs (e.g. call centres, authorities, other services) based away from the actual airport.
  • The four biggest employers at the Berlin airports are the Lufthansa Group (3,071 staff), airberlin (2,796 staff), the WISAG Group including GlobeGround Berlin (2,087 staff) and the airport company (1,868 staff).
  • The total number of places to work at the Berlin airports is 445 – up from 331 in 2012. This means there are now 114 more workplaces (+34.44 per cent). Following the overhaul, optimisation and expansion of the airports’ non-aviation business, there are more than 50 shops and food service outlets enriching the range of services at Tegel alone. In addition to this, there are various new providers in the categories of “other services” and “retail”.
  • As in previous years, the airline, handling/MRO/representation, security service, airport operator and authority/agency sectors employed the most people, followed by other service providers, food service outlets/catering, travel agencies/tour operators, call centres and cleaning/maintenance companies.
  • To ensure the future need for skilled staff is met in the aviation industry and in aviation-related companies and sectors, there is a strong focus on providing vocational training. On the reporting date of 1 July 2014, a total of 290 apprentices worked at the Berlin airports. Of these, 194 were employed at Schönefeld and 73 at Tegel, with a further 19 apprentices working at Berlin Brandenburg Airport and 4 off-airport.
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