Speedier entry at Tegel with EasyPASS

Bundespolizei startet EasyPASS

Since 2 March 2015, travellers arriving at Tegel Airport have the option to use the EasyPASS automatic border control system to enter the country. Four “eGates” are available for this purpose in Terminal C.

Citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland who wish to use EasyPASS require an electronic passport. German citizens can furthermore use the new German identity card. Use of EasyPASS in any case requires that the passenger be of full age.

This is how it works: After the document has been scanned at the entrance to the gate and its authenticity checked, the system then compares the live image of the person taken within the gateway with the photograph that is stored on the chip. If the person’s identity is confirmed and if there is no information on record of relevance to the police, the gate opens. The border controls have thus been implemented, and the passenger can enter the country. No personal data is stored in the process.

The electronic border controls result in shorter waiting times for travellers. Use of the eGates is voluntary and free of charge.

You will find further information on EasyPASS by following this link: www.easypass.de

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