Safety awareness event at Schönefeld (SXF) and Tegel (TXL)

Safety Days

Safety always comes first in air transport, and that of course also applies to the ground services for aircraft too. With this in mind, the airport company every year organises the Safety Days event. This week, all staff from the many different companies operating at the airports therefore again had the opportunity to visit this special event at Schönefeld and Tegel airports. The airport personnel – from the “follow-me” car drivers and ramp agents to the refuelling and catering services employees, hold loading personnel and many others – took this opportunity to inform themselves and raise their awareness of potential hazards. A primary goal is to sensitise the employees to hazards, so these can be identified before they arise. Besides the specific issue of “Safe Flight Operations”, the more general topics of driving safety and occupational safety were also discussed. 

Though, naturally, these issues were not only the subject of discussion; many of the partners involved also provided impressive demonstrations, tests, and practical advice. Thus, for instance, information about correct seat belt fastening, blood pressure and stress tests, a truck rollover simulator, a car simulator, ground handling simulation, interesting objects illustrating real-world situations (e.g. a turbine blade damaged by small parts lying around), and much more vividly highlighted important safety aspects for the event visitors. The Safety Days event, with its open communication and practical orientation, is thus an excellent supplement to the instruction and training that take place normally.

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