New environmental monitoring started


Today, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH spread standardised grass cultures at Schöne-feld Airport and in the village of Schönefeld, in Schulzendorf and Blankenfelde with the aid of which the environmental impacts of aviation are to be monitored. After a few weeks in the open, the airport company will have the grass examined by an independent laboratory. The results will be published.
The project is part of the airport company's voluntary environmental monitoring programme for documenting the propagation of air pollutants and their impact on the environment around the airport before and after opening BER. Grass is being monitored as it represents a key animal feed for cows, for example. This year, temporary use of the southern runway is being examined to see whether it leads to changes in environmental monitoring. The airport com-pany will compare the results of the review with data from previous years when the southern runway was not in operation.
The airport company has also been operating an air quality monitoring station on the Schönefeld airport site since 2011. Apart from biomonitoring with grass cultures and green cabbages, FBB is also examining honey, pollen and honeycombs for information on the envi-ronmental impacts of aviation.
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