Relaxation amid the bustle at Tegel Airport

Napcabs in TXL

A convenient service has been available to passengers at Tegel Airport since 27 July 2015. Amid the bustle of day-to-day airport life, travellers seeking rest and relaxation will now find an unexpected retreat: two sleeping cabins made by napcabs located in the Sky Conference area. They can be reached by going to the third floor of Terminal B via the triple elevator near the main hall or via the stairs in the north tower.
Each cabin is equipped with a single bed and a work space. The entertainment amenities include internet access, a smartphone docking station for iPhone and Android devices (for playing music and phone charging), and a television. A multimedia touch screen provides continuous access to the latest flight information and can be used to control all the various cabin functions, such as ambient lighting.
You can book an unoccupied cabin via a terminal located on the outside and pay for it conveniently by credit card. You do not have to specify a duration of stay beforehand and can use the cabin for a period of up to twelve hours. The cabins are available around the clock, 365 days a year, to passengers seeking rest and relaxation.
Toilets are located in the vicinity of the cabins. You enter a code to use the cabin and to return to the cabin if you leave temporarily during an active booking in order, for instance, to go shopping. At the end of a stay, the cabins are cleaned professionally to ensure they are ready for the next traveller.
Tegel is the second airport in Germany after Munich to offer its passengers the napcabs service.

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